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Prince Tony Momoh, the journalist par excellence, a bibliotherapist and cultural engineer is the 165th child of Momoh the first. He is the third of the four children his mother had for Momoh the first and his mother was the junior of the three groups into which the Momoh Household of 45 wives and 245 children were organised.

Truth vs Propaganda: Who is really General Buhari?

Recent events have compelled us to put up this writing so as to enlighten some gullible Nigerian masses on the mischievous campaign of calumny waged against General Muhammadu Buhari by some enemies of progress that he is a religious fanatic, this piece we believe will put to rest the fallacious and mischievous propaganda circulated in the past and being re-echoed now for political expediency, that the People’s General represents the interest of a certain group in the Nigerian Nation.

Since the entry of General Buhari into politics in 2002, there has been this baseless, histrionically made and vexatious allegation by some elements that he is a religious extremist. Unfortunately, those who succumb to these illogical vituperations, based their argument on a particular make believe statement that was credited to him, even though no one has ever reproduced the said speech to substantiate the mater , thereby makes it not only out of place but a fiction of political jobbers.

As a formidable group championing the cause of good governance , justice and most importantly , the unity of Nigeria, we have resolved to use this medium and expose the real person of the man in question, which has been ironically misrepresented by these political opponents, in their imagination their by so doing, they will reduce his awesome popularity and electoral value.

Furthermore, it is an established fact that his regime while as Head of State undertook a thorough fight against graft and in the course of doing that, nobody was targeted based on their chosen faith or any other primordial tendencies. Those that were found guilty of graft, abuse of office and sundry offences were the ones that had to face the wrath of the law. And this was done without exception, regardless of status, class, creed; which to a greater extent made Nigeria the pride of Africa and Nigerians were respected home and abroad.

It is also on record that, the era was Nigeria’s most progressive and glorious moment, second only to the regime of General Murtala Mohammed, to which the Buhari’s regime was off-shoot indeed.

The import of this piece is to draw the attention of Nigerians to this very man who has been falsely and deliberately maligned is a true and patriotic Nigerian leader who has no prejudice of any kind whatsoever. Even in politics, he stands out as the most decent man among the present political leaders jockeying for power in Nigeria today. We are proud to substantiate our position by just a glance on the composition of his domestic staff, inter alia:

Staff Sergeant Isah Abdullahi-Driver. Isah is an Akwei, from Shendam Local Government Area of Plateau State and an active member of the Roman Catholic Church, he has been working very closely with the General for a very long time and their closeness is purely defined by the former’s diligence and dedication to duty. He has been the official and personal driver of the General for a very long time.
Mr. Don Friday Bethuel-Principal Private Secretary. He is Jenjo by tribe and from Karim Lamido Local Government Area of Taraba State. An evangelist, band member and Projector Operator at The Saviour Chapel of NDA, Kaduna, he is holding one of the most sensitive positions in the General’s Office as a result of his competence and sincerity. He is directly responsible for the official and private correspondence of the General.
Mr. Martins Agbor-Office Cook. He is Mbube by tribe from Ogoja Local Government Area of Cross River State. An active member of St. Andrews Catholic Church, Kakuri, Kaduna State, and his choice was purely based on his skills and dedication to duty irrespective of religion. He is directly responsible for the General’s recreation during office hours.
Mr. Sunday Nalle Awosemo – Home Cook. He is Yungu by tribe from Song Local Government Area of Adamawa State; an active member of The Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria, he has been working for the General; for a very long time and his dedication to duty and trustworthiness has earned him the long standing relationship with his boss. He is directly responsible for the preparations of the General’s and family meals.
From the foregoing, it can be seen that most of the sensitive positions in General Buhari’s office and house are held by other tribes who are Christians and not his tribe and religion.

Also, among other apprentices is Comrade Richard Tersoo Mnenga, a Tiv by tribe from Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State. And as a member of the Roman Catholic Church and a strong chorister, he took his choir members to sing Christmas carols for the General at his residence in 2009, a gesture he considered a very great honour. Richard is one of the closest and trusted apprentices of the General.

Professor Tam David West has vividly captured the personality of the General in his two books-“Who Really is General Muhammadu Buhari” and “The Sixteen Sins of General Buhari” ;also, Dr. Adamu Kyuka Usman , another Christian Scholar too elaborated more on most of the issues raised here in his book” General Muhammadu Buhari: The Spirit of A Man” . Nonetheless, we believe this our little effort through this medium will also serve as a great deal in reaching out to many more of three mass of our people.




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