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Prince Tony Momoh, the journalist par excellence, a bibliotherapist and cultural engineer is the 165th child of Momoh the first. He is the third of the four children his mother had for Momoh the first and his mother was the junior of the three groups into which the Momoh Household of 45 wives and 245 children were organised.

The Debt We Owe…3

(Vanguard of Sunday, August 7, 2005)

From the very impressive address the President gave at the National Assembly on July 26, I have decided to devote more than a few paragraphs to the last two of the four scenarios we have not dealt with, the Bad Debt Scenario and the Reparation Scenario.  This is because the President’s reasoning is so persuasive and unassailable on the face that we may accept what our creditors are doing as the greatest blessing that has come our way since independence.

And we would have ignored the spiritual tsunami that man of today is experiencing, reminding him forcefully that he is in error to believe that he is in charge of a creation in which he is no more than a creature.

In handling the other two scenarios, therefore, having discussed the Present Loss and the Future Gain scenarios, let us take a step or two up the Ladder of Life and look at the non-material aspect to the present manipulation that had been schemed deliberately to chain us down as the hewers of wood and drawers of water for a humanity that had chosen and retained the way of Satan.  And to knowing ones, everything Satan does has a life span, and so must crash and perish.  Not so with things from on High, which are eternal.

So, please accept this, that there is more to life than meets the eye.  We err if we think that man is a native of this earth.  The history of man shows that in spite of his wicked ways, he is coming to recognitions which would have been unthinkable some years ago.

The truth is that God’s presence is manifesting more on earth today than has happened for hundreds of years.  Everything is touched by this presence and everything wrong, even if we had thought of them as right, is crumbling.  And order in God’s Creation is a thing we must learn to accept now, if we won’t be faced with incredible suffering in future.

The world is changing from the era of TAKING to the era of GIVING.  Taking is the way of Satan, evidenced in corrupt practices. Giving is the order of God, manifesting through service to your fellowmen. Giving and love are related.  Taking and hatred are related.  Giving brings peace, harmony, order, health.

Taking breeds discontent, hatred, distrust, war.  He who goes a-borrowing, as the saying goes, goes a-sorrowing.  We have been borrowing and, therefore, sorrowing.

The President and his team have tried to get us out of borrowing but the payment of $12 billion for our debts to be forgiven is looking at the crescent of the moon, not the full moon.  Just as the President has always told us to look at the cup of water as half full and not half empty, that is that we must be positive in whatever we do, so we must see the crescent as a phase in the movement of the Moon.

The full moon presents a more engaging picture than getting stuck at the crescent stage of its cosmic dance.  We should look at the full moon, at all the seasons of the year, rather than just one season.  What happens tomorrow is not going to be determined by man.

The first step is to look at the Bad Debt Scenario.  Our debts can be written off as bad debt because even now they qualify to be treated as bad debts.  If nobody in the Creditor Nations is asking how we can borrow $17 billion, service the debts with $22 billion, and are recorded to be still indebted to the tune of $36 billion, a time is coming, sooner than later, when the offspring of the Creditor Nations will be touched by the punishing terms of debt management initiated and programmed by their ancestors!

They will wonder what wicked ways their parents had dreamt up to under-develop the Debtor Nations. Their wonder will be universal because the time has come when man is being bombarded with the fact that he belongs elsewhere than here, where evil still thrives. The sensing of his spirituality is real.

This sensing will blossom, take hold of man’s manipulative inheritance, tear it off, and lighten his gait.  Flowing from within outwards into where we are today, man will discover that the colour of his blood is the same as any other’s, sans creed and sans colour.

He will be forced to move in the direction of love, of giving; rather than be permitted to perfect more methods of taking, which breed hatred, anger, revolution and suicide bombings.

So if man continues to open up to the way God willed His Creation to operate and the human being sees that he came to this earth with nothing and will leave here with nothing, his appetite for accumulation will decrease, and this would be a very important step in the direction of true worship.

The group of leaders that will fumigate this earth is being downloaded even in governments now.  So I see a future when man looks back in awe and cries that he harboured this much injustice against his fellowman.

I am not theorizing.  Was it not man who moderated the eating of men by lions during the Roman Empire; and was it not man who stopped this very carnage?  Was it not man, those who believed they were carrying out the wishes of God, who subjected innocent souls to torture because they held views that those in charge did not share; and was it not Pope John Paul who apologized for the wickedness of the inquisition?

Was it not man who captured and transported men and women from Africa and enslaved them as chattel in the Americas; and were the Quakers who were few but championed attention to the evil of this trade not men?  So, the time is coming, sooner than later, when the many things man enjoys doing today will be things he will frown on tomorrow because the times we are in prove daily that man is not in charge!

Oh yes, the heavens are opening up and displaying to us down here the way God wants things done.  So, sooner than later, the debts will be written off as bad debts. Man will wonder how we took loans at the exchange rate of less than two naira to the dollar and had been asked to repay the loans at 135 naira to the dollar!

There will be a further step, and that is that man who is the oppressor today will pay reparation to the oppressed because he will seek forgiveness of his sins from those he had sinned against, before God will forgive him his trespasses.

I congratulate Mr. President and his team for a wonderful job, but let us not see our gains from one narrow prism.  There are other windows that offer a gaze that may advise what we do.  We are enamoured by the Future Gain Scenario of the Debt Question, but let us also look at the Present Loss, the Bad Debt and the Reparation Scenarios of the evil that has been inflicted on us by those who for more than five hundred years have believed that their minds focus the affairs of men.

The channels for downloading what should be are open, and no one can shut them in these times we are in. I can conclude by wondering how we can be said to be having reserves in billions of dollars but we are owing local contractors and our pensioners to whom more than a trillion is due, remain in queues, and die standing for what they are entitled to in their many years of meritorious service to their fatherland.

(Democracy Watch, A Monitor’s Diary, Vol. 2, pages 13 – 16)

FOOT NOTE:  As at second week of October, we were asking the National Assembly to endorse a proposal to borrow over $4billion!  With commitments to internal creditors, we are almost hitting $30 billion in debt.  Back to square 1?  Why not, if  we are more comfortable with eating the  future in the present by preferring consumption to production.


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