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Prince Tony Momoh, the journalist par excellence, a bibliotherapist and cultural engineer is the 165th child of Momoh the first. He is the third of the four children his mother had for Momoh the first and his mother was the junior of the three groups into which the Momoh Household of 45 wives and 245 children were organised.

Order to kill

(Vanguard of Sunday, November 26, 2006)

No, I am not going to comment on the trial of the general overseer of the Christian Praying Assembly, Emeka Ezeuko. Nor is my concern that he is reported to have introduced himself as His Holiness, the Most Honourable Rev. Dr. King at an Ikeja High Court where he is being tried for murder by allegedly setting some of his flock on fire, having accused them of various acts of moral indiscretions.

I am also not competent to pronounce on that level of the Heights from which he descended into these far distances from our Home above that would entitle him to the powers he claims to have, powers that would enable him cure an aids patient within 30 seconds, or make him walk through stampeding armed robbers whose eyes would be closed to his presence.

What I am interested in is the front-page headline of The Punch of November 23 purporting to summarise what he said, and that is that he would set 75 people on fire if the instruction came from God.  That is my concern because I know that such instructions would never come from God.

I am not denying that such communication can reach him who is granted such gifts, but what I assert is that the flow does not necessarily have to come from on High.  So easy is it to predict where communications come from that if we listened to ourselves more, with our hearts and not with our heads, we would sense the orderliness that anchors what is right and the distortions that can be rightly associated with what is evil and ugly and dark.

Once upon a time, lots of things were hidden from man here on earth, but the whole world started to open up the more called ones came around from over there to teach us the Way of God.  The Way of God, which is the Will of God, is clear from the Ten Commandments; from the teachings of the prophets in the Old Testament; from the life of Jesus; from the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; from the Acts of the Apostles; from the landmark letters of Paul and the various communications credited to some of the disciples of Jesus; and finally from a picture of Paradise from where what is to come is downloaded in the Revelations.

There is also the straightforward injunctions from the Holy Qur’an which show that if you do this, this is what you get; and if you do that, that is what you get.  The Qur’an is, therefore, the living documentation of the eternal law of sowing and reaping.  You can never reap mango from the yam you put in the ground.  And sowing is with your hands, your mouth and your thoughts.

For many years, we have associated everything that happens with God as if He can be the author of evil.  We say He gives and He takes.  Who can deny that, but can we not just advert our minds to the fact that when He tells us about Satan, it is obvious that Satan can be part of misleading us into ways which Allah may never have programmed for us.  And if He programmed them for us, why would we be material for Hell while other chosen ones are for Heaven?

Is anyone seriously contending that God made those who would go to Heaven and those whose home will be Hell Fire?  Can we not sense, even in our spiritually derailed state, that Paradise is earned and Hell is earned?  Where is God’s justice if we fold our hands and pray that He donates favours to us as He does so to whomsoever He wishes when we should be in no doubt that His wishes must accord with His Will which He communicated to us through the prophets.

And this thing about instructions coming from the beyond is what we must now continue to seriously address because we are now coming to the end of the year and we will soon be inundated and bombarded with prophecies that will be flowing from many of us who claim that God is speaking through them.  They will be telling us who will live and who will die; who will win elections and who will lose; who will be the president and who will be governor.

They will tell us whether there will be plane crashes and whether there will be collapsed buildings.  They will tell us how many of the outgoing governors EFCC will be able to get hold of before they get out of reach through routes that EFCC seems to be unaware of.

They will tell us if the Atlantic will overrun Victoria Island and if there will be earthquakes, and where and when and how many people will be affected.  All of them will be telling us stories that are supposed to have flowed from on High, from the Holy Spirit.  But it is obvious that many things pouring into the earth plane through human vehicles have nothing to do with God.

In Sura 7:18, the Lord of the Universe told Satan: “Be gone. A despicable outcast you shall henceforth be. As for those that follow you, I shall fill Hell with you all.”  If you are a believer in the words in the Holy Qur’an and the Holy Bible, you will see references that will show that what flows to you is not always from the Holy Spirit.  It could be from Satan.

Look at what Sura 14:22 says: “After the judgment, Satan will say to those condemned to the Fire: ‘I made you a promise but did not keep it.  Yet had I no power over you.  I called you and you answered me. Do not blame me, but blame yourselves.  I cannot help you nor can you help me.  I never thought, as you did, that I was God’s equal.”

As I indicated at the beginning of this piece, I do not quarrel with His Holiness, the Most Rev. Dr. King who has been in the news on allegations of setting some of his followers on fire.  He is outside his church environment now, incarcerated.  The solitude should provide for him an opportunity to meditate on the Way of the Good Lord he claims to serve.

It was because he has so much trust in the flow he claims to receive from outside of here that I pegged this piece on the statement credited to him that he would set 75 people on fire if God asked him to do so.  I know as a fact that God will never tell man to take over as judge the role which lies only with God.  “Judge not that you be not judged” is well-known to us.

So, I am on my knees begging Dr. King not to continue to have the impression that God sent him to the earth to punish those who had disobeyed His commandments. Before he died, Pope John Paul apologized for the inquisitions of the Church which saw thousands of people being excommunicated or even burnt on the stakes because they held ideas contrary to church doctrine.

Many of them were scientists who, if they had been allowed to operate, would have made discoveries which would have drawn man closer to his maker today, as man is on a mission to discover the Will of God and fulfill that will through the life he leads.

Because of human limitations, the communication he thinks he receives may well come from Satan whose presence is no less impressive than that of an angel.  Discernment is the motto of the spiritually conscious because there is no way the evil one can push through the defences of one who strives to let God lead in everything he does.

Any other way is futile, and lets in the tempter whom I described in my pocket booklet, Aliens on Earth as a rover of immense disorderliness whose domain is the earth “less because he has any claim to creating it than that it is a realm he exerts his influence in.” (page 11).

This earth being the meeting place of the good, the bad and the ugly, those who claim to receive messages from outside of here (through clairvoyance or clairaudience) believe they are in touch with the Holy Spirit or that Jesus is speaking to them.  They may well be the minions of Satan here or they may be having their strong thought volitions re-echoing to them so that they become victims of their own wishes

One day is one day, as the saying goes.  Sura 29:6 is unmistakable in what awaits those who believe they are fighting for God.  It says, “He that fights for God’s cause fights for himself.  God needs no man’s help.”

(Published in Vol 2 of Democracy Watch, A Monitor’s Diary by Tony Momoh, pages 234 – 237; Lagos 2008 )



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