Tony Momoh
Prince Tony Momoh, the journalist par excellence, a bibliotherapist and cultural engineer is the 165th child of Momoh the first. He is the third of the four children his mother had for Momoh the first and his mother was the junior of the three groups into which the Momoh Household of 45 wives and 245 children were organised.

On Traditions and Spiritual Ascent of Mankind on Earth

Author:          Senator Victor Kassim Isa-Oyofo

This essay is written by me in accordance with the knowledge which I gained from the ‘’The Grail Message: In the Light of Truth’’ mediated to mankind by Abd – ru –shin.

The reader or listener to my essays will gain tremendously for himself if he goes further to examine the Work, Grail Message: In the Light of Truth, for himself. For the one who does so there are lots of treasures waiting for him to unearth. Unimaginable greatness will be his joy when he experiences the meaning of the statement ‘’only the Truth will set you free’’.

It is important to state from the beginning of this discourse that man on Earth can only make meaning out of life and existence when he knows who he is and why he is on Earth in the first place.

He would come to the understanding that he is a creature in Creation like numerous others and that Creation has its rules or laws which have been placed therein by the Creator, our God and Lord. He would also understand that these laws apply to all creatures and that all creatures are furthered by these laws. Or the Laws retard those who work in opposition to them wilfully or through negligence. Negligence can arise through ignorance. Thus correctly appreciated, each man determines his own fate. These laws are inflexible, glorious, adamantine and have been there since Eternity.

It is in providing the answers to these questions that we will discuss traditions and examine whether these traditions and their practices can lead to spiritual ascent for the man on earth today.

Man on earth is spirit and his origin is in the unconscious part of the Spiritual Realm and he is on Earth which is in Subsequent Creation to further his development into a self conscious spirit personality and on maturity or on full development he will return to Paradise in the Spiritual Realm as a self conscious spirit personality. It is only a self conscious spirit that can partake in the abundance which the Radiations of God bestow. The conscious partaking in this Abundance is described as eternal Bliss. This is the goal of the programmed development of man and also of the Earthman.

The Laws of God are the impartial regulators of this necessary development. In order to develop man must relate to all the creatures in Creation and indeed with everything contained in Creation. Everything in Creation has a purpose and must be used accordingly in order to have the intended benefit.

Now that we have stated the basic facts, let us examine the situation as it is on Earth today with man. First, the Earthman does not even know that he is spirit! At the mention of the word ‘spirit’ he is often startled. He looks around himself with fear in his eyes and his mind conjures up many images and according to the level of education or the lack of it; the images can be very grotesque. Some think of spirit as something nebulous, intangible and creepy. Even those who talk of the Holy Spirit have no correct concept as can be inferred from their often repeated declaration that the Holy Spirit can enter into man. One even hears of people speaking of evil spirits. In other words, there is no clear concept of what spirit is and they therefore think of spirit as anything other than themselves.

In this situation where man has no clear idea of who he is, it is understandable that he would not know what his responsibilities are and what he can expect. He would not know of the helps available to him and least of all how to avail himself of these helps. He would not know about other creatures and how to relate to them. Thus he does not have the right understanding of God and therefore how to live in Creation. Since he does not have the right understanding of God, he naturally does not know The Will of God; from Whom Creation arose in the first place.

Man does not know why he is on earth neither has he the right knowledge where the goal of his development is and how to attain it!

This is only a very little expose’ of the state of man on earth today. Undefined and confused he stands in the Unceasing Rhythmic Movement of Creation which drives everything to a predestined End, according to Law.

With this background we can now examine what is covered by the umbrella labelled ‘Tradition’ or ‘Traditions’. The contents vary widely all over the world ranging from the bizarre, the nauseating and  the outrageous to the melodramatic. On the whole anyone who has the knowledge of Creation is filled with alternating vexation and despair and a wondering of how man came to the present state of affairs.

Tradition is defined by many as the cumulative ways of life of previous generations. This means practices of ancestors which present generations are obligated to accept without question. In other words, it is a system where these ways of life, beliefs and practices are foisted on the new generations. To mask the want of logic inherent in these practices, the custodians often invest or cloud them in some hocus pocus stimulating the imagination; or go into some rituals designed to be awe inspiring or creating fear. The over awed participant is then made to submit his free will to the volition of the superintending officer who may be a chief, elder, witch doctor, priest or any of the many other designations which they give themselves.

What then happens is that the willing human being who submitted to them has stepped outside the protection which the Laws of Creation ordinarily afford him and he is now on a playground for alien influences. He is then assailed by these influences according to their nature. Since in most cases these currents do not have furthering effects the victim faces retardation which pulls him downwards into the Dark Realms of Evil currents. Unless such a human being has a strong inner yearning for the Light he would be unable to climb out of these Dark Regions and can become trapped there during his whole life on Earth; worse still he becomes bound into these noxious regions after death.


TRADITION is a product of the spirit as it develops towards its perfection. Towards perfection the developing spirit looks up to the Light, to God Almighty. God, the Almighty, has many servants who in service have the function to guide, direct, protect and unveil the immeasurable treasures of Creation to the developing ones. Thus Subsequent Creation, like The First Creation, has all that man needs to develop in happiness and joy, devoid of any suffering, unlike what is known today. The servants of God spread His Will in all of Creation, thus they administer His Will. Since tradition is a product of development i.e. of growth, it follows that its growth should also be towards the Light. In the growth process, it also changes as the recognitions become clearer and still in a straight line upwards to the Light.

This growth process can be likened in Nature to the growth and development of plants or trees. Although the trees grow bigger in girths and develop branches; and these trunks may even be bent or twisted; it can still be seen that all the development is towards the Light. Just as all the nutrients which the plants need for their development are in the soil, so also all that man needs on Earth to develop are to be found on Earth and its environment. What is needed to complete the development is the guidance from the Light. Unfortunately man cut himself off from it.

In the absence of this guidance, all that happens is a groping in the dark. This means reliance on the intellect. Since the intellect is of Matter and it is bound to Matter it followed that all the paths taken had to lead away from the Light and from God.

It is in the fact that man lost his connections with the Luminous Realms and the Luminous Guidance that we owe all the caricatures and the obvious evil practices that go under the name of tradition or custom or even culture of today. The idolatry practised in all the countries on earth; the naked greed in man’s approach to the wealth of the Earth including the skewed distribution; and the near total disregard of the feelings of one another, the senseless wars and brutalities meted out to neighbours by ambitious power hungry politicians, the unbridled plundering of national treasures by those who vowed to protect and use the treasures for the progress of the citizenry; and, worse, the placement of money over all else including even the need to believe in God and to centre our Lives around the tenets of His Commandments, are the pronounced proofs of the loss of connections.

All life on Earth is expected to grow towards the Light from whence it derives its sustenance; this includes the plants and animal life. To the extent that only man is developing in a direction not willed by God, to that extent the traditions evolving around and from man are not in accord with This Will. It is after the Purification which accompanied World Judgment that we can speak of true tradition that is a product or a spin off of man’s existence on Earth.

The decline of man on Earth through the well known Fall of Man brought a lot of confusion into the orderly and progressive development towards the Spiritual Heights which the Laws in Creation ordained. One of the results is that man oscillates backwards and forwards in terms of what would have constituted tradition. As in many things on earth there was no ray of light from Above to illuminate and bring enlightenment. Every development and enlightenment was left to the earthbound intellect. Since the intellect can only work downwards towards matter, everything tradition took on the complexion of matter and became dark.

Let us now consider without prejudice some of the traditional beliefs and practices in many parts of the World. We shall examine them in the light of the Laws in Creation, for only what is in accord with these laws leads to both spiritual and material wellbeing and ultimately to Paradise, the Spiritual Home of man.

Let us begin with my country Nigeria.


Commonly, one experiences in a party or in a gathering, a situation where wine or drink is offered to the guests. Before the guests are served, a small quantity is put in a cup or glass and poured on the ground as offering to ancestors to drink. This they call LIBATION.

There is a lot wrong with this practice. A departed relative who is not encumbered by guilt that keeps him on the Gross Material Plane would have continued his journey of self purification in the Beyond and has no need to look back to the earth plane. Some so called ancestors may already have reincarnated on earth into very different circumstances in different parts of the world. The fact of reincarnation is already well known by all the tribes in Nigeria as some of the names given to children testify. Therefore there is an obvious contradiction in beliefs. An ancestor who has reincarnated and bears the name Babatunde in Yoruba, (which translated means Father has come back); would certainly not be still in the immediate Beyond to accept an offer of drinks from people on Earth. Also those who have departed the earth cannot drink and to make such an offer is at best a joke, a cruel one at that! It indicates a lack of knowledge of the working of Creation. Departed ones do not have the physical organs of the earthly body suitable for drinking. Therefore only those who have a propensity for drinking and who satisfy this propensity through experiencing the drinking sensations from earthman are attracted to such gatherings. In other words, those hosting such meetings and making the offerings encourage the earthbound conditions of the souls and are as a result of reciprocal action also chained to these departed ones.

By chaining, I mean the lawful condition whereby through the voluntary actions of the merry makers, threads are spurn which bind the earthman to the departed souls who are earthbound. Such threads are not so easily undone and the time lapse may go into hundreds or thousands of years before such souls can free themselves. Thus from apparent trifling great consequences can arise!

This is an unnecessary encumbrance for those on earth who practise such misadventures because they thereby add much guilt which they must expiate. In Creation ignorance of the Laws is never an excuse and neglect holds the same punishment because it leads to failure to act.


Burial ceremonies or practices should be simple, beautiful and elegant, reflecting the splendour of the perfection of God’s Holy Laws which manifest Love and Justice to all creatures including the earthly departed. In death we experience the fulfillment of a life cycle whereby the soul who incarnated as a baby departs the earth at some point determined by the Laws of Creation. This means that the soul has experienced what was intended for him in that particular incarnation. In accordance with the Justice of God such a soul is now permitted to continue his development towards self perfection in the Great Beyond in accordance with his deeds while he was on Earth. Such knowledge imposes solemnity on the occasion. The knowledge also engenders love and heartfelt prayers to God to help guide the departed on his path to the Luminous Gardens of Eternal Joy and Peace.

The family, relatives and friends experiencing such ceremonies should don the appropriate garments and mien reflecting the sobriety of the occasion. The occasion should remind everyone to reflect on his own life and be resolved to organize his own life in a way that will be pleasing to The Almighty Creator. This is important because the help one receives at death is in direct proportion to how well one lived his life while on earth. If one lived a dishonest and evil life, he will reap a harvest in multiples of his deeds. It is only after he has atoned for his misdeeds can such a soul think of his ascent towards the Light.

The discarded earthly cloak should be returned to mother earth in a simple and graceful ceremony which recognizes that all bodies of earthmen originate from the earth and must be returned there to offer an opportunity for a new blossom through its decay into its components. Such an act represents veneration for the Wisdom of God and therefore worship and glory of God.

From the foregoing, it can be seen that a burial ceremony is primarily about the departed soul; the discarded physical body should not be the focus. Ceremonies which lay emphasis on the physical body are wrong. These types of practices and ceremonies are many and are to be found in different parts of the world.

Death and burials have been eulogised and celebrated by artists and writers all through the ages. The famous writer, poet, and dramatist; William Shakespeare, wrote: ‘’when beggars die no comets are seen but the heavens themselves blaze forth the death of Princes!’’ Today, similar ideas still live on in our societies, going by the prevailing practices. Some have been constituted into objects of wonder; assigned some air of mystery.

The Pyramids of Egypt are studied and written about as the tombs of Pharos. The bodies were mummified i.e preserved as if the departed has need for them in the Beyond or as if this same departed could re-enter the bodies in another incarnation. To complete the follies the bodies were often accompanied by a retinue of slaves and properties such as gold, silver etc; which were supposed to smoothen their journeys and lives in the Beyond!

In some cases, in Africa, nobles, kings and people of supposedly high birth also have slaves or persons sacrificed and sometimes buried with them. Such practices burden the souls of the so-called nobles and kings enormously with great guilt which they have to offset in the untiring loom of Creation. Also heavily burdened are those on earth who enforced the practice. Any termination of life is a sin against the Holy Spirit and must be heavily punished by the Law of Reciprocal Action.

Often there are some tragicomic aspects to some of these ignorant practices. In some places and communities, the bodies of rulers or kings are buried in a sitting position!! Consider, to get an already dead body to sit must require breaking the bones and reconstructing what seems like a sitting position. This type of grotesque act has neither rhyme nor reason to it and shows gross inconsideration to the comfort of the departed soul. For, indeed, where a soul has not detached itself from the physical body; that is, where the umbilical cord is still linking the soul to the physical body; every pain the physical body suffers is transmitted to the soul!! For a soul that lived normally the umbilical cord detaches after 40 days and the soul is then able to begin his self purification in the Great Beyond. For those who have been too worldly, that is too attached to material things, it takes a far longer time before the detaching of the umbilical cord can take place. So much for this folly!

As for William Shakespeare’s idea and similar views, it should be understood that all men are equal before the Laws of God. Therefore a preferential treatment suggested by William Shakespeare is impossible. Only on Earth, because of our limited ability to peep into the supra-earthly, do we tend to glorify those who should be despised. We mistake our earthly sense of grandeur which we determined, as equivalent to Heavenly determination. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Earthly honours and positions remain on earth at death. Only our deeds count before the Laws of Creation. It does happen that a servant who performed his duties faithfully and with love to a master is more valuable than his master depending on the deeds of the latter.

Equally to be ignored because its claim is almost near comical and contains much falsehood, is the oft quoted saying that ‘’the Voice of the People is the Voice of God.’’ Such arrogance could only have arisen from a height of intellectual decadence leading to a complete shutout from the Spiritual Sphere and the consequent lack of knowledge of Creation. There are many other statements indicating a remarkable intellectual obtuseness but we shall leave these aside for now.

A few questions will expose the sad errors in our approach to burials of earthly kings and nobles; for example, is it that the body is the man? Is the six -foot grave meant to be the palace? The ignorance betrayed by men in matters concerning life and death is sad and bewildering!!


We should understand that there is continuity of life after earthly death. We call the fact that we cannot hear, see nor feel the presence of a departed one to mean that he is dead. But the reality is that he can hear, see and feel us. What is more, his sense of justice or injustice is very acute; therefore he has very intense and varied emotions when he observes our behaviours and actions. Although he is unable to change what he does not like, yet his indignation brings heavy punishment on all those who in some way or another bring discomfort or hardship on his wife and family. Such a soul may even become earthbound in his efforts to assuage the suffering of his family; for the Neutral Power resting in Creation when used wrongly, as can often happen when deep emotions are involved creates forms which are living and burden the creator of the forms and the community or the persons the forms are directed at retroactively.

Making the wife of a deceased shave off her hair does not expiate anything and it is at best only an external sign of bereavement. Making her sleep on the bare floor has no meaning except that it represents a cultural depravity which thrives on sadism. Worse still to make her drink the water washed off the body of her dead husband can only have been conjured up by agents of the Darkness who are not just satisfied with subjugating the human being but would treat her worse than animals. This practice, no doubt, has its origin in the Nether Regions and therefore, it is ignorance of the Laws of God. If such a wife were to die because she drank the water that is diseased, would it mean that the wife killed her husband? Or suppose that the opposite was the case i.e. that the woman did not die, would that mean that the wife was innocent? These practices arose because of superstition that does not recognise that the Wisdom of God rules the World. It can be called ignorance but the real explanation is more.

Therefore, in order to explain this rather bizarre situation fittingly, I need to interject an explanation from Creation. It is that every life in the Beyond has a corresponding life on Earth. In other words, every community on Earth has a corresponding community in the Beyond. Since the life in the Beyond drives that on Earth it follows that the earth models reflect the level of maturity and the Spiritual Density of the corresponding community in the Beyond. Thus the communities that can inflict the types of pains I have been describing, identify themselves as belonging to the Nether regions where the inhabitants are very adept at inventing different ways of inflicting pains and privations on themselves. The knowledge of this fact should help earthly communities to strive for nobler ways of life which bring blessings for all; such as love for one another.


In accordance with the Laws of Creation and The Divine Order, it is in brutalising women that mankind on earth has sinned the most. Sad to say that in this crime all men have played into the waiting nets of Lucifer. The Fall of Man which is spoken of and now well known was aimed at the subjugation of woman because Lucifer knew of this Divine arrangement which vested the higher substantiality in womanhood. What this means is that the feminine is the entrance gate into the Subsequent Creation or the World of Matter which is set apart for the development of the human spiritual. Womanhood, the feminine, is also the exit gate out of the World of Matter which the human spiritual must use after its development and has to return to Paradise; its home. Even in earthly birth of souls, woman acts as the gate. It is not a chance happening.

In order to establish his dominion over Subsequent Creation; Lucifer attempted to ensure that this exit gate was blocked through choking it off or through ensuring that this finer substantiality was subjugated. In which case the Divine Order would have been thwarted. The brutalization of womanhood by the earthman is his own contribution to this choking-off process. Thus the earthman has become an active promoter of Lucifer’s grand design. Many men will recoil involuntarily when they come to this rather startling revelation and may, at first reaction, want to repudiate the charge but let us look inwards at ourselves and see how true this is….

Against this background knowledge, let us examine our behaviours and practices or traditions towards woman and therefore the feminine.

With the exception, today, of some few societies, women are treated by men almost as objects to be owned; hardly allowed a will of their own. The woman is used as a sex object at the pleasure of men. As a wife she has to bear her husband’s children and in many cases, many children, as proof of her fertility and the husband’s manhood. In some Ibo communities she becomes celebrated and a cow or the native breed is slaughtered for those who give birth to as many as twelve children!! She, it is, who must be the house keeper, the cook, and of course, as the mother of the children, she has to ensure that everyone in the family is fed. She, it is, who will also go to the farm, till, weed, harvest and in one word: be the beast of burden. She is the trader or as it is often put, the market woman. And strangely enough, in spite of these impositions, she has no rights in accordance with the practices of many societies or traditions or what is called culture.

Going by these extant traditions or practices; women are to be used and thrown away as you do with spent cartridges after they have been used for hunting. Just like expended cartridges, the woman has no rights to property she helped her husband to acquire. On the death of her husband she finds herself and her children (unless the children have grown up and are able to protect their mother); she finds herself and children thrown into the streets. Some relatives of the husband who did not participate in their struggle to acquire what they had, now bestride her precious home in the name of tradition or some customary practice. In many cases the woman is also shared along and given to a male relative of her husband who makes use of her and approaches her as one would a second hand clothing material. Such is the brazen wickedness and cold heartedness that even before the body of her husband is cold in the mortuary, the movable properties are already being shared and the hapless woman looks helplessly on amid her tears and sorrows. Very often there is even none to dry her tears! Huddled in a corner and bent by grief, she hangs on to her frightened little children peeping into a gloomy future with vanishing hopes. From the corners of her tired eyes, she sees her husband’s brothers rampaging gleefully in her home; carting away their precious little possessions and not even a thought for her little children and their future! At this point, completely lost, she raises her eyes upwards and amidst choking tears she calls for the Justice of God as her last hope.

The brutalising of the woman or the feminine psyche is very devastating and has played a great part in the narrowing of opportunities willed by God for all the creatures on earth. In other words man has been his own worst enemy by helping to destroy the finer spiritual qualities which woman was endowed with.

What I have described is not a figment of my imagination nor a flight of fancy of my pen but are facts describing what happens, particularly in Ibo land where these inhuman practices are rife.

Even from a human understanding of justice these practices cannot be right and cannot be justified. If they are repulsive in the sight of the fair minded how terrible must they be before the Living Laws of this Creation.

One would ask: When these practices are so wrong, why will they not be abolished or corrected without further ado?

The answer lies in the Creation happenings. The earth has been in the grip of Lucifer and His agents.

For many millennia, the Darkness held sway over the Earth or more correctly, over the World of Matter which includes the Ethereal part. We must recall that man is Spirit as stated in the very beginning and he is endowed with the spiritual intuition. His intuitive volition is destined to be able to make contact with the Power of God which rests in Creation. This is thekey given to man to unlock this powerhouse. With this he can create entities which are benevolent if good, or destructive if evil. In this way man moulds his environments.

But this ability fell under the spell of Lucifer’s influence through the overdeveloped intellect. Consequently, man uses this power to create entities which are evil in their nature, more frequently than he is able to create benevolent entities. These are the demons and the phantoms which populate the Nether Regions of the Beyond which have retroactively influenced the dominance of evil practices on earth.

These entities depend on the spiritual essence in man to perpetrate their existence. This feeding takes place through people who think and act in evil ways like I have been describing.

Through this mutual dependence an unbreakable cycle is established. The relevant Nether Region drives the relevant or the homogeneous section or community here on Earth because all that is spiritual has power over what is material.

Thus the earthman in this community believes that he is the initiator of the idea and practice, not realising that he is a victim caught in a vicious cycle, partly driven by him and partly driven from the Beyond.

From the knowledge of Creation this is indeed very pathetic having been caught in his own web.

As an illustration, let us re-visit the deprived and forsaken widow who is huddled in a corner with her children and left with no hope for herself or her children. She has appealed for the Justice of God. If it was possible, she would leave it at that and let the Laws of Creation work on her problem. But such enlightened disposition would come from a knowledge and conviction about the working of God’s Laws which she does not have. The most probable case would be that in her grief and disappointment she develops hatred for her tormentors and to all those who devised the system.

The intuitive volition of this oppressed woman makes contact with the spiritual power permeating the Work of Creation, in the manner afore described. It then creates entities corresponding to her volition. These then are evil entities called Demons.

In this way, demons come into being who now dominate and control the lives of the villagers or the communities concerned. These demons and phantoms then hold hegemony over these villagers and communities for as long as these practices exist which generate such intense emotions.

These cycles of evil which are rampart on earth can be broken when there is a knowledge of the Laws of Creation and a genuine and consistent effort to live in accordance with these Laws.

Today, the Love of God once more has inclined to mankind. We are now given the Grail Message, ‘’In the Light of Truth’’ to guide us in the understanding of the working of Creation so that we can untangle ourselves from the webs of evil products we have embedded ourselves in.

With the coming of the Grail Message, the promised Last Judgment has been fulfilled for mankind. Now the earth and all its inhabitants are being purified so that all evils, and evil products together with their authors will cease to exist.

With the knowledge we can begin to mould ourselves and our environment in the way intended by the Almighty Will of God. Thus we are to help to bring about the desired Kingdom of God on Earth. The Grail Message lays the foundation of this new kingdom. The coming of the new knowledge denies man any claim of ignorance.

We can now have a complete survey of Creation and all mysticism due to a lack of knowledge ends. It is therefore a man’s fault when he fails to take advantage of his opportunity.Indeed his last opportunity!!


As already stated, the brutalization of the feminine by man is part of the contribution to Lucifer’s effort to hold dominion over Subsequent Creation by destroying the Divine Order.

This Divine Order vested womanhood with higher substantiality in material creation. This was to ensure receptivity of Divine radiations for the existence on earth and to guide same. Since this choking-off process limited what could flow to mankind, it followed quite logically that suffering on earth intensified. Thus it becomes obvious that suffering is not willed by God but that it was brought by man on himself in many and varied ways. This choking-off being most devastating in its effect than anything else because it has the wider implication of blocking the exit out of the World of Matter and hence into Paradise.

The systemic abuse is what led women to want to raise the volition to be as men. In other words, many began to imitate men in their professions, be it politics, or sports etc by claiming equality of sexes. Thus without knowing it, they began wilfully to surrender what is superior for what is inferior. This means a dulling of the finer substantiality, with the attendant decline in the finer intuition and hence plunging all mankind into abysmal depth of materialism and unbridled immorality.

Men rest their actions on concepts that are wrongly understood such as reference to woman having been created from the ‘’rib of man’’ or that woman is of the weaker sex. The wrong interpretations assigned to these Creation happenings have over thousands of years fostered an unholy attitude. More so as it can be pointed out, as is often done, that it is in the Bible. As soon as one can point out something in a passage in the Bible it is taken as what God said. This is always a preface to shutting out all enquiries and all reasoning or questioning. In fact it has been drilled into all the believers that questioning whatever is in the Bible is a challenge to the Word of God and a lack of faith. Yet those who peddle these doctrines which they themselves have not understood are the ones who have not even bothered to find out what God demands of mankind. They do not know the Word of God and therefore are ill qualified to speak for or against It. Properly considered they are acting as the underlings of the Darkness spreading darkness all over the earth.

If, as it is today, marriages and families are no longer what they are supposed to be and we sense a deep longing for what should have been; then we can begin the possibility of starting the steep climb back to that Height from whence we had fallen. On this steep climb we need the help from God and strength, for without these we cannot make it.

Less than fifty percent of all mankind on earth have reached this point in their reflections on life on earth, therefore, far less are even aware that we have been on the steep slope of decline and that we stand at the gaping mouth of the abyss. So long as we can point out advances in the sciences we delude ourselves that we are on top of the problems and that with a few rockets we can conquer the heavens; that we can even invent or create a better man through genetic manipulations.  The reality however,  is very different. The downward slide is on with horrifying speed!


This is another statement which has been used to mutilate the truth and has been used as an albatross hanging on the neck of earthly womanhood. It has been given the interpretation that motherhood is the main purpose of womanhood on earth. By this understanding, any woman who cannot deliver or have many children has lost her purpose on earth. Consequently many women go through life miserable and feeling unfulfilled. They are abused and vilified and in some societies they face some discrimination. Such women go to any length to prove that they can.

Yet this Creation command is directed to all mankind. It has nothing to do with procreation. Procreation as such is animistic and obeys the Laws of Creation. In simple terms it means ennobling and raising the World of Matter into the state of Paradise, to the Honour and Glory of God Who permitted us the possibility of self conscious existence. Compare this higher objective to the low animal level which the wrong understanding has imposed on it.

Consider how much psychic burden would have been lifted off the shoulders of woman and how much joy they would experience on earth. Again those who spread the wrong understanding draw their authority from ill understood passage from the scriptures. This is the greatest weapon for the psychic brutalization of womanhood and a great subduer.


It is definitely wrong for human beings to offer blood sacrifice to God directly or indirectly. Any such action is blasphemous sacrilege. If offered through what is euphemistically called small gods as intermediaries, it is idol worshipping which is against the expressed commandment of God.

Now consider, how can God demand blood from His creatures in order to grant favours or to forgive some transgressions? Such beliefs can only come from a most limited ability to think and certainly a most limited knowledge of God and ignorance of the working of Creation.

Again many would seek to justify their stance by pointing out that it is in the Bible and perhaps in some other so-called holy books. They will even point to the greatest transgression of all time, that is, the murder of the Lord Jesus Christ which is taken as a propitiatory sacrifice. They will equally rely on the same tired arguments that only the purest blood was worthy of sacrifice in order to sanctify the higher tabernacles in heaven! Indeed, tabernacles in the Heaven of His Father, The Almighty Creator!!!

That men would offer such circuitous and illogical argument shows a terrible poverty of the intellect that no intelligent person knows what to do with it. It would have been sufficient to dismiss it as a ridiculous product of diseased imagination but for the fact that this belief is taking many millions or perhaps billions of people into perdition.

The discussion on the so-called saving through the blood of Jesus does not belong here today. I merely mentioned it as the culmination of the wrong notion that blood sacrifices are necessary to appease the Almighty Creator of all and also to set the background for providing the answer to how these erroneous beliefs came into practice.

We will proceed once more to examine Creation happenings in the quest for the answer to what looks like an enigma.

Placed into the World of Matter for his development, the spirit germ’s acquisition of self consciousness was as of necessity slow. With growth in consciousness, recognitions of the environment dawned on him through guidance and in the intuitive perception. The progress upwards entailed recognitions from the immediate  environment, then to the Ethereal; the role of the Animistic upwards to the recognition of Animistic Lords of all the Elements. At each level of recognition the spirit germ stood firmer in Creation and in the awareness of its magnitude.

At this point the Fall of Man set in with the attendant intellectual sophistry. The gradual upward development of the spirit germ was  truncated. The spirit germ was no longer able to receive direct guidance from the Animistic and the Spiritual Realms; and so the guidance through the intuitive perception became muffled. The net effect is that the developing and immature man was left to his own devices. In other words, the intellect took over. Fear and negative passions could now come into play.

With the standstill and the logical inevitable decline in the development, clairvoyants and mediums began to see entities corresponding to the level of decline, fear and negative passions. These entities being products of the intuitive volition and thought volition are mainly demons and phantoms. Their activities could be observed and reported on. The demons being malevolent in their nature could be appeased in one form or another and also because they are living, could also make demands. They still make demands to this day and they can be directed at one cause or another. They are able to affect people in accordance with how homogeneous such targets are with the demons. Demonic practices place such practitioners squarely in the influence zones of demons. They and their influences can be overcome through an inner distancing and spiritual strengthening.

Now because of the stoppage and the consequent decline in the orderly upward maturity of the spirit germs, knowledge of The Spiritual Realm and then onwards to the knowledge of the working of God was not revealed to man. Thus God did not allow the revelation of Himself to mankind on account of the spiritual immaturity i.e. because they would be unable to grasp the concept of God.

Meanwhile the wrong forms and conceptions solidified into the beliefs and practices of the earthman. The concept of appeasement to satisfy a power which man experiences and could not explain was elevated to the level of the supernatural and therefore, God. This is the approximate explanation for the origin of what we have which now strangulates though enforcing traditions that lead away from God and all salvation.

This situation remained until the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ Who could then articulate the concept of God to mankind. Despite His explanations, the wrong concepts had become part of the foundation stones of Judaism and Judo-Christian based religions and teachings. Even the non Judaism based religions, which can be found in the Orient and other continents share in this common malady. That this is the case shows clearly that the spiritual decline of mankind was universal.

Placed into the World of Matter for his development, the spirit germ’s acquisition of self consciousness was as of necessity slow. With growth in consciousness recognitions of the environment dawned on him through guidance and in the intuitive perception. The progress upwards entailed recognitions from immediate environment, then to the Ethereal; the role of the Animistic upwards to the recognition of Animistic Lords of all the Elements. At each level of recognition the spirit germ stood firmer in Creation and in the awareness of its magnitude.

This situation remained until the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ Who could then articulate the concept of God to mankind. Despite His explanations, the wrong concepts had become part of the foundation stones of Judaism and Judo-Christian based religions and teachings. Even the non Judaism based religions, which can be found in the Orient and other continents share in this common malady. That this is the case show clearly that the spiritual decline of mankind was universal.

(Being text of lecture given at the Cinema Hall, National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos on Sunday, October 31,  2010 under the auspices of the Grail Movement Nigeria. First given at Asaba on the invitation of His Royal Highness, The Asagba of Asaba, July 2,  2010)



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