Tony Momoh
Prince Tony Momoh, the journalist par excellence, a bibliotherapist and cultural engineer is the 165th child of Momoh the first. He is the third of the four children his mother had for Momoh the first and his mother was the junior of the three groups into which the Momoh Household of 45 wives and 245 children were organised.

Aliens on Earth


No, we are not referring to science fiction. We are referring to you, to me, to everyone else. We are all aliens on this earth. We came from somewhere, having been born into here, to implement a brief. Are you aware of the brief?

This presentation was made at a inter-religious forum in Lagos, Nigeria, under the title, the Manifestation of the Kingdom of God on Earth. It removes the mystery and doubts associated with the statement that we are IN this world, but not OF this world. You will identify your brief in the publication and should then be in a position to know whether you are on track working on the brief; or whether you have been derailed by powers and influences beyond your control.

What we have for you here is an edited version of chapter one of the 16-chapter book, Spiritual Essays. In that chapter, we asked and tried to answer six key questions in the life of every human being. These questions are:

1) Where are we?

2) Who are we and where did we come from?

3) What are we doing here?

4) Who sent us here and why?

5) Are we alone or we are part of a whole?

6) What is the place of religion in our lives?

Let us discuss them one by one.


There are as many correct answers as there are people to answer this question. It would be correct to say that we are at this place where this presentation on the Manifestation of the Kingdom of God on Earth is being made at Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos; that we are in Lagos State; that we are in Nigeria; that we are on earth. We can answer by even showing where we are not – that we are not in the United States of America; that we are not in an aircraft; that we are not on the Moon. We can go religious and say that we are not in Heaven, the abode of the blessed; nor in Hell which is reserved for those who did not accept the commandments of God or those who broke the covenant He had with them. There is however one answer that we may give which would create some problems arising from how narrow or wide our recognitions are. That word is the WORLD. If some of us say they are in the world, would the world mean the earth or where? And this is where our journey must begin because I have in my striving been introduced to a picture of the world which shows that God may not have been somewhere in the sky when He started His work of creation, nor is this earth the reference point for the Creation Story.

The World is a part of Creation which is the Work of God, the Creator. There are two parts of this Work – the Spiritual Part and the Material Part. The Spiritual Part is where we came from and to which we shall return. The Material Part is where we are. The Spiritual Part is Paradise, the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of God. It is forever the same, pure and fresh and unpollutable; the home of truth and happiness. It is where cities are paved with gold and rivers of pure milk and honey flow. There everything is a permanent present. There is no darkness. There evil is unknown. It is right there that with God everything is possible because there only good exists, only love exists, and everything is a song of praise to the Most High.There, what can be done in one day, because of the intensity of movement, we, here, would be struggling to do in one thousand years! There, everyone works not for the self but for the benefit of all. The law of giving is obeyed by all, and the conscious striving for taking to the disadvantage of others is unknown. There, distances exist outside our perception of space and time, yet everywhere is active, pulsating with life, serving and gladly doing so. There only one is Lord and King and He, the only One relates to everything He created through helping love.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen. That part of this vast Creation, that Spiritual Part, is our home; and that is where we must end up one day, either with laurels or in the state in which we left because we have failed. It is from there the Muslim is told, “To us you shall return”. It is there, those Luminous Realms, that the Lord’s Prayer refers to as ABOVE which if we strive correctly can be downloaded here below, through us who, as I have said are citizens of that place. But we should come to that later.

Here, where we are, which is called the World, is the Material Part of Creation. Because it is the material part, it is known as the World of Matter, the world that provides coverings, clothes, shells for those who came into it to grow. It is not a permanent world. It is a field in which those planted in there would gain experiences that would mature them for conscious living in their home Above. The Material is formed over millions of years before it is suitable for the use of those who come from the Spiritual. So, the Material is subject to change. It is born, it grows, it matures, it ages and it dies, and is born again to start the journey of the cycle of birth, growth and maturing and death. The Material Part of Creation is vast by our calculations, so vast that describing it makes the head reel. But vast as it is, it is like one grain of sand in an ocean in comparison to the Spiritual Part, our home.

Let us look at distances to have an idea of the vastness of the coarsest manifestation of the Material Part which is the physically visible celestial globes arranged in solar systems. Each solar system has a sun around which are arranged celestial globes. There are billions of such suns that make up a universe, and, according to the Grail Message, In the Light of Truth by Abd-ru-Shin, which gives us a map of Creation from the Highest and Lightest to the Deepest and Densest, and which focuses the presentation here, there are seven universes, just as there are seven huge and vast planes in the lower part of the Spiritual Part of Creation, and another seven such massive planes in the uppermost part of Creation. The Highest Part is the First Creation. The Spiritual Part, the home of man, is the Second Creation. And the Material Part, where we are, is Subsequent Creation. As we are told, we are down here in the Material Part, the physically visible part arranged in solar systems…

The Material World also contains that part which is not visible to our eyes, and can never be accessed with the instruments we use in investigating the make-up of matter. This part of the material world is the Beyond because it is beyond physical sight. That Beyond in the Material Part is still more vast than the distances we express in light years. That part is where we go to when we move out of our covering here on earth, the covering which is the physical body. It is this physical body that dies and which we send to the cemetery for burial. We who used it never die. Having used the body, we leave it and go our way.

If you knew this basic truth of life, you would refocus your attitude to the departed. We would understand more what the Bible tells us in Genesis Chapter 2 Verse 7 about how we came here. God created man from the dust of the earth, and breathed into him the breath of life – and then he became a human being. The dust of the earth is the dust of the earth and will return to the earth where it came from in the first place. Dust thou art and to dust thou shall return. But the breath of life! That is you and that is me. That is the spirit. You have never been dust and shall never be dust. You are not your body, have never been, and should not strive to be. To the extent that you strive to be your body, to that extent you distance yourself from your home in God’s Kingdom, a Kingdom you have a mission to download on to this earth plane. If you are not different from your body, why do you say my head, my legs, my eyes, my body? You leave the body, which is dust, and return to where you came from, to the Beyond. But that beyond is not yet Paradise, not yet your home. It is part of the Material Part of Creation. It is part of what we call the World. While you sojourn in the world, this earth is the place you go to school. You leave it for the Beyond, your temporary home in the World of Matter. There what you were sent to the earth for opens up fully to you, and how helpless you are when you discover that you had been derailed by false teachers that populate the earth?

To summarise. We are on earth, which is part of Creation that is a work of the Creator, of God at Work known to us as the Holy Spirit. This Creation is Spiritual and Material. The Spiritual Part came into being with the Creative Fiat, Let There Be Light., And much, much later, the Material Part developed, taking billions of years to form for those of us weak ones over there to come here and grow in. The Material Part of Creation is referred to as Subsequent Creation, as the World, having developed from the Spiritual Creation. But we are told that the whole of Creation, both Spiritual and Material, is one unbroken WHOLE. There is no division. One merges imperceptibly into the other, from the densest and coarsest and lowest on earth, to the finest and lightest and highest in Paradise. Imagine a picture of change of states – solid to liquid to gas, to the next solid to liquid to gas, and so on in degrees of lightness such that the next solid is lighter than the preceding gaseous. And on and on to the Highest. The flow is from the highest down here to the deepest. There should be a flow from here, the deepest, to the highest. There can be no such flow where the channels are clogged, blocked. We are those channels.

But who are we and where did we come from, and why should we be those channels? This is the next question.


By we, I mean we human beings. Who are we and where did we come from? Are we the children of our parents, who came from them and must belong to them and lay claim to what they have in the name of inheritance? The question will have more meaning when we hit the nail on the head, when we refer to the individual. Who am I and where did I come from? This should point to the correct perception because you came alone and I came alone. Even where you came through the womb of a woman, along with another you call your twin brother or sister, one came before the other.In this coming and going, there is only one involved. You, on your own. In this matter, there is no father, no mother, no brother, no sister, no tribe, no religion. There is no race and there is no nation. There is no rich man and there is no poor man. The head of state is as alone as the messenger who served him tea.

You are spirit. I am spirit. We are spirit, from the Spiritual Part of Creation which we know as Paradise. From the Highest to the lowest in the Spiritual, there is life in such harmonious motion that work is a song of praise to the Most High. You know yourself; you know what you are to do; and you do it to the benefit of those the chore is meant for. You glow in the opportunity you have to serve. Those many there who work for the benefit of the Earth, have never come here although they know this plane to be their plane of activity. Those of them who have come were here on a mission. For thousands of years, they have come to teach us what we were mature for. They did not give us eba and akpu when we were ripe only for akamu. They downloaded what man needed strictly in line with his level of development. But down at the lowest manifestation of life in the spiritual, there are those who cannot consciously work. They developed to the stage of seeds and would remain seeds forever if they had no proper soil to be planted in, where they can grow and bear fruit. That soil had to be developed, and that soil is the Material Part of Creation, where we are.We came from the Spiritual Part of Creation as spirit germs and were tended from above very gradually on our way here until we were ripe enough to be sown on the earth plane. And we were sown on the earth plane at that point in time when the bodies we would use had been developed to the level when we could incarnate into them.

But, as should be obvious, we did not just move from Paradise to enter the earth. No. That would not be possible. There are ladders of life, and no one can jump any rung. There are intermediate planes. In fact we have a temporary home in the Beyond, in the Material World. It is where we stayed while this earth was being prepared for us to use as a school. It is where we come from while we sojourn on earth. It is where we go to when we leave our bodies. We live there until we come again. We can therefore divide the Material World into two – the Ethereal World and the Gross Material World. It is the coarsest part of the Gross Material World that we identify in solid, liquid and gaseous forms. It is in this part that we use telescopes and microscopes and stethoscopes. Future investigators will look far into the cosmos and discover billions of suns we have never seen but which have been there. They will also look into the structure of matter and discover worlds even after they have split the finest of the building blocks discovered so far. We are told that everything is radiation and at differing levels of cooling off. So our temporary home in the World of Matter is the Ethereal World, and before we come here from there, we must get down to the closest vicinity to this earth from the beyond. This is Medium Gross Matter which people call the Astral plane. We should not go into this plane because that would take hours to attend to. But suffice it to say that that is where we go to at night when our bodies are asleep. Which means that only the body sleeps. You, the soul in that body, you never sleep.

To summarise: We are from Paradise, in school on earth. The classes we attend on earth are segmented and we take them as we mature for them.After an earth-life here, of schooling here, we leave the bodies we have used here to get back to our temporary home outside Paradise. That is the Ethereal World. It is the lightest part, the highest part of the Material World. It is where we stayed when we were coming here to the school of life and it will be our last port of call before we get back to Paradise, after we have graduated. From the Spiritual home to here, we must wear the covering of every plane we pass through or we would not stabilize there. In the Ethereal World, we are in the Soul World and we are therefore called Souls, that is the spirit without the physical body. While we are on earth, we wear the physical body and are called Earthmen. We can understand why we should be careful about saying that man is three-fold – Spirit, Soul and Body. To think this way is to give life to the body and the soul. Only Spirit has life.The soul and the body are the clothing of the Spirit. See yourself as Spirit manifesting through soul and body and you can therefore start to assess for yourself which of the three has been your pre-occupation? Is it you the Spirit, or the Soul and the Body which are its clothing outside Paradise? When you grow into the recognition that you are Spirit and you strive to manifest your spirituality through the soul and the body, then you are truly reborn, and you can manifest God’s Kingdom on earth. To be back home in Paradise, we must remove all the cloaks we wore on our way here, otherwise we cannot get back. Every plane has its rules and there is no interference one with the other. The law of liquid will not accept solids until they are heated to be liquid; nor will the law of gases accept liquids until they are heated to be gases. So also is the Ethereal and Spiritual Worlds. You cannot enter them until you have discarded the coverings of the lowest planes. You can now draw the conclusion for yourself whether anyone can leave this earth with a physical cloak that is dust and must return to dust!

But what are we doing here? That is the next question.


We have already provided part of the answer. As spiritual seeds in our home in the spiritual, we are here in the school of life to grow to that level of consciousness that would enable us get back to our home Above, in Paradise, as fully mature spirits that are not only conscious but fully self-conscious. In that state, we are glowing flames that have acquired the form of the species, which is the human form. The only way to achieve the objective here is to feed us with the food of life which is the way it is up there in the Heights. The physical body needs physical food – fruits and vegetables; eba and egusi soup; bread and butter; rice and beans. The physical food is needed to provide fuel to drive the physical body which the soul needs to move and act in on earth. The brain is the work station of the body. It is the base of the intellect. The intellect is thus a product of the brain and must go the way of the dust of the earth. But the intellect needs its own type of food for nourishment. Intellectual food is provided through study and relating to the outside world so that the body can learn and understand the language of the world, of the environment which man dwells in on earth. The intellectual food is provided through the school system. You acquire your degrees in satisfaction of your intellectual hunger. All your degrees are stored in the brain and when you leave your body, the dust of the earth, the intellect goes down into the grave and is dead. It is like the material stored in the memory of a computer. When the computer packs up, all that is stored in there is lost. But the school of life you attend on earth is for the spiritual food you need to mature. The physical and intellectual foods are meant to help you grow in search of the spiritual food. The physical food comes through the farmer; the intellectual food through the teacher, and the spiritual food through the prophets. It is the instruction on how we must live to be able to sustain in our home in Paradise that should regulate the intake of any other food. In other words, we must eat to live, not live to eat. We are living to eat when we emphasize the material well-being – how many houses we have built, how many cars we have and of what make; the recent changes in our wardrobes; how much we have in bank accounts at home and abroad; the women in our lives et al. Not any of these did we bring here and not one of them are we going to take away. Even if our bodies are buried with silver and gold and diamonds, the bodies remain cloaks of the soul on earth, just dust and no more. We who lived in them would have gone, with or without the spiritual food we would have garnered through the experiences we had when we lived here. And that experience of life can be explained by religion. But how you acquire that experience is your personal affair, through the exercise of free will which is a gift of the Spirit. The exercise of will is free, but determines where your path leads to. Up or down. Salvation or perdition. While here, you exercise that gift in one of three ways – what you do, what you say and what you think. They all bind you because they are sowings, the fruits of which you must reap. They make the bed on which you must lie, and because it was your decision, you cannot cry foul. There is nothing foul in life, and this is a basic truth you must accept. If you lived a foul or fouled life, how can you, the one who is supposed to live here with a conscious awareness of your radiant origin, be a successful conduit for the downloading of that brilliance above to the earth below? How can a Kingdom you deny or whose existence you are no longer aware of, not be closed to you?

To summarise: To come to the earth here, we must leave the Ethereal World (or die there, to use the familiar term); and to go back to the Ethereal World which is our temporary home while we sojourn in these vast distances from our home in Paradise, we must die here. The dying here is withdrawing from the body we used on earth; and to die there, we must wear the body we will use on earth. Life does not begin when a child emerges from the body of a woman. The formation of the body is one thing and is preceded by procreation. The arrival of the soul in the body being formed is another thing and is known as incarnation. The soul comes from the Ethereal for a purpose predetermined. There are two missions of the soul – to make up for the mistakes it made while on earth in a previous earth life; and to learn the next set of lessons it needs for its maturing. Before the soul is sucked into the growing body in the womb of the prospective mother, it had chosen that mother, that tribe, that race, and that environment where the lessons needed will be learnt. It may even be drawn to a woman whose path the soul must cross in the present incarnation. There is no accident in the choice. And there is no chance. You must have the body you need to gain the experience that will mature the spirit. The message is therefore clear to those who want miracles to change the circumstances of their lives even when they had not learnt the lessons their state warrants.

But who sent us here? And why were we sent here?


One influential political figure in Nigeria said some years ago that he did not ask God to send him to Nigeria. I lost my confidence in him and he ceased to be my hero. No one forced you to come here. All of us begged to come. If you can have your eyes open for a few seconds to perceive those struggling to incarnate on the earth plane, you will not misuse a minute of your sojourn here. Have you not heard of those who were declared clinically dead and they came back and the whole pattern of their lives changed because of what they saw there! It is no hallucination. To be allowed to come here is the highest of Graces. As we have seen, the journey to here started from Paradise where we would have remained as spirit germs but for the opportunity granted in the World of Matter for us to grow in. We can be said to be as old as the beginning of that journey because we are the ones that come and go and come and go, changing only the bodies as we need them in Nigeria, in Japan, in Israel, in the United States, in Botswana, the type of body determined strictly by the experience we need to further our growth. You can now settle the problem of the colour of the skin which ignorant people use to exploit people on earth. You can also see age for what it is. For age is relative. You are one day old on earth the day you were born but that does not mean that you as spirit are one day old. You belong to eternity and are part of it. So, the child just born in the General Hospital, Lagos, may be the late grandfather of the woman who gave birth to it! What does Babatunde mean among the Yoruba, or you think they do not know what they are saying? The implication is also that you are the only you in the whole of Creation and no one can be you. Which means that even if your body is cloned today, only another soul can occupy it, not you yourself if you are still alive on earth. Just as the jacket you wear is a cloth made by the tailor, so is the body you wear a cloak made in the workshop of God which the world is.

The point should not be lost on us that we as human spirits are not replicable. Our finger prints prove it. You are you and I am me. Your gaze and my gaze have meaning only when they are focused in one direction – UPWARDS, to the Heights, to Paradise, to the Creator, and to nowhere else, and to no one else. But in looking upwards, are we alone?


We are never alone, have never been alone and cannot be alone. That we journey personally in Creation does not mean that we are alone. We are part of a whole and the whole is strengthened by our individual strengths and stands in danger of being weakened by our individual weaknesses. How true is the saying that the strength of a chain is determined by its weakest link! The whole of Creation is on the move. Only the dead can stand still.In fact, death means the absence of motion. That we seem to be standing still does not mean we are standing still. Even the planet earth, the sun, the galaxy, the universe, all spin through space at incredible speeds. Not for even a millionth part of a second has any part of Creation stood still.Every part is on the move, along the path ordained for it. The whole of Creation, from the Highest to the deepest, is populated and on the move. Even mountains and trees are pulsating with life, at the appropriate levels of vibration. Were you to have the ability to heighten or lower your vibrations at will, you would understand all communications because there is unending interaction between and among all beings and all things. The cooperation of all is needed for you to even raise a finger. Even when we think we are alone in our rooms, we lie. Beings surround us. Helpers are always at our side. They are at work when you hear the inner voice warning you against a step you are about to take. Listen to that voice, and as those who have allowed themselves to be guided will confirm to you, you will never make avoidable mistakes.

When you think you are doing something nobody will know about, you lie. Your actions, your words, your thoughts are recorded for you by beings that work in the Will. These constitute the armies that enforce the law of the Holy Spirit, and you can’t bribe them. That is why the sins against the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven even if the sins against the Father and the Son can be forgiven. Even as human beings, we cannot be alone even if we wanted to. We are told that we are splittings, either active and positive; or passive and negative. In other words, either male or female. When the two join, they become one, a unit, and can more actively work together. The male is the engine of the car and the female the fuel that drives the car. Both have their roles and must perform them, otherwise there will be trouble with the car. The fuel cannot be coarsened enough to be the engine nor can the engine be clarified and be heated enough to become fuel. This is a lesson for those who fight for equality when the roles in Creation are clearly defined. To fail to perform the role of the species is to clog the channels through which the radiations that will anchor the Kingdom of God on earth will flow. If men and women compete for roles that distort the species, then we give birth to hybrids, which Nature abhors.

To summarise: We are part of a whole. We bear responsibility for our actions in spite of the vastness of the whole of Creation and the myriads of beings that operate in it. We are unique because there is no one that replicates the other. If we knew of this uniqueness, we would be eternally grateful to the Most High for the recognitions that make us grow. We would dread the evil thought that crosses our minds, and would never contemplate harming our neighbour. For whatever it is we do with our hands, with our words and with our thoughts, are sowings which must bear fruit for us to reap. This is all there is to karma, destiny, and fate. The thief, the armed robber, the dupe, the gossip, here are profound lessons for you.Nothing you do is hidden. Nothing you put out into Creation will go unrewarded many-fold. Whatsoever thou sowest, that shall thou reap in multiples.In World Events, it is pay-day, the reaping of all we have done over millennia. Hear it loud and clear. We stand in judgment. The judge is not you, not me, not the Supreme Court, not the National Assembly, not the President, not the Pope or the Church or anybody temporal or spiritual. The Creator Himself is directly in charge, through the Power of the Holy Spirit. We are told that Spiritual warriors are sweeping over all humanity, and striking sharply where a head refuses to bow. But where is religion in all this?


Time will not permit excursions into what religion has done in helping man to attend the school of life, or in derailing him in that divine mission. It is estimated that there are about 6,000 religions on earth today. The big-time ones in the Western World are Christianity and Islam. I was told that Prophet Mohammed predicted that there would be 73 sects in Islam, but that only one would be his, the one that imbibed the recognitions anchored in the Holy Qur’an. Which means that he was, while alive, aware of the danger in employing the recognitions he was permitted to download, to ends that would not be pleasing in the sight of Allah. By the dawn of the 21st Century, the number of sects had exceeded 150! The jihad that is the war cry among believers today is taken to be directed more at those who are not Muslims than at the individuals who as Muslims have more work to do on themselves than they ever can on anyone else. Christianity is worse. Everyone seems to be wanting to found a church, less to lead people upwards than to establish a business. Sects emerge from what followers of Bringers of Messages think those bringers brought. These bringers brought no religions. They came to show us the way to God, to remind us of why we are here, and where we have gone wrong. With Islam and Christianity having such a profound hold on us, and with churches and mosques running into their millions, there must be a problem somewhere if man on earth today is more distant from his home Above, from the Kingdom of God. We seem to know less about God now than we did two thousand years ago!

From time immemorial, the lessons we need while we sojourned on earth came from on High, from prophets who spoke about the truth. That Truthwalked the earth two thousand years ago in a male body that was incarnated in Nazareth. That was our Lord Jesus Christ. Before He came, He has always been there, far above the origin of our Creation. He came from outside Creation, entered it at the point of entry from the Divine which is also the point of exit from Creation into the Divine. From the highest point down through all the spheres, through all the realms of the Primordial Spiritual and the Spiritual, He wore all the cloaks of the spheres. He eventually arrived on earth, through the womb of Mary. The tidings of His coming were downloaded to man on earth through the prophets. Even before Jacob, the son of Isaac, had his 12 children that fathered the tribes of the Jews, thetidings of the coming of an Envoy of the Light were already filtering through. The Ten Commandments were downloaded through Moses because man was ripe to receive them in his schooling on earth. At the time of the coming of Jesus Christ Himself, man had so degenerated in his distancing from his mission on earth that only Divine intervention could save him. Prophets could no longer work on earth without being swallowed up by the Darkness. Little wonder then that the Old Testament and the New were separated by as many as 400 years! Even when Christ came, who but shepherds and Roman rulers knew Him! Even His Disciples were guessing. But that is as things usually are.

Only like knows like and only like recognizes like. No one on earth could know who Christ was because, like everyone else, he wore the body of man on earth. So degenerate was man on earth that he could not see with his ethereal eyes, not to talk of his spiritual eyes. Even if he could see with his spiritual eyes, he could not see Christ as more than a spirit. But Christ was no Spirit. He was Divine. So, among men, only tidings from on High could reveal who was in their midst on earth, anchored in a body that came through the family of Joseph the carpenter. When He entered His Mission with a sermon in the Synagogue at Capanium and drove away the evil spirit inhabiting the body of a man by commanding it to leave, the blinkers began to fall from the eyes of those who wondered if any good could come out of Nazareth. Wasn’t a new power manifesting right there on earth? Oh yes, God was manifesting His presence right there before their eyes. But the leaders of the church got hold of themselves and planned to destroy the One who was undermining their earthly influence? They questioned His claims and organized His murder, because, to them He was impious and worked on Sabbath Day, a crime which demanded that you be stoned to death. Whether people knew it or not, His coming re-established the way back to our home in Paradise, and saved the earth from premature death.

But we knew Him not and destroyed the body He used on earth. We said the crime should hang over us. We are still paying that debt today, with more crucifixions arising from ignorance of His Mission of Salvation. At this time, at this closing of the circle, and the beginning of a new age, we have everything we need to mature our souls for return to our Home, to Paradise. We are not in kindergarten. We have attended the primary and secondary and university classes and the examinations have been set. Those who pass must be on their way Home, from where they came millions of years ago.

That which is needed is knowledge of Creation which is the map of Creation. Since this map was downloaded to man on earth a few years ago, the wonders that have opened up to the world can only be imagined. It is now known that there is no question of staying in the cemetery until the trumpet sounds and buried bodies emerge from their graves where the dust of the earth that those bodies had been had returned to their origin. We behave as if the trumpet that will sound, that has sounded, is a physical trumpet, and not a spiritual one. We behave as if the day of judgment is one earth day of 24 hours. The vistas that have opened up for man, a citizen of Paradise, show that the Day of Judgment is a period which would span many, many years. With the dawn of the new time and the appearance of new people on earth, it is assuring that many are looking at the Bible and the Qur’an with the eyes of the beings they have been, beings that came from Paradise. The language in those works should be seen more as the language of the spirit than the language of the world. And is the teacher not the only one in whose name all transmissions from the Heights have been downloaded unto this plane of existence – the Holy Spirit, the Creative Will of God Almighty, the Beginning and the End, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen. The Creative Will of God is the Third Person in the Trinity. If man knew what claims he makes when he downloads that name into the debris that we have made of the earth today, he would weep because of the binding effect he would see awaiting his reaping when he leaves his body on this earth where it came from in the first place.

To summarise. We are here on earth, as you and I know, and from here to our home in the Spiritual, are vast worlds that we must traverse. But we can reach out to those vast distances on high even from here, only when we use the appropriate instrument. The physical world has its language, the ethereal world has its language and the spiritual world has its language. Because man has all the cloaks of the spheres, he can tune to the sphere he wants to communicate with, only when he uses the instrument in use in that sphere. Any illusions about reaching out there in any other way is futile and a waste of time.

From the foregoing, it is easy to answer some of the basic questions that have baffled us, even with the increased activities of churches and mosques. I can only wish for you the strength to examine the work available on earth at this time when all wrong transmissions must be corrected.Truth has walked the Earth and the Earth can never be the same again. Any force that confronts the Truth will be crushed by the sheer force of the Truth.

The very fact of Truth walking the earth is proof of God manifesting on Earth. The Earth has thus been blessed by the very presence of that part of God Almighty that we know as Jesus Christ. In all the spheres of Creation, His status is not in doubt nor is it questioned. The Quran recognizes Him as the Spirit of God, as the Word of God. He is the Love of God, the very reason that Creation came into being with the fiat Let There Be Light. If I am able to come to these recognitions when I had been disappointed by men who run religious institutions, it is because I long ago came to the conclusion that each man must play his part in seeking salvation in his own way. My criticism of priests of the church and imams of the mosque was a most unfortunate thing to do. I regret developing an attitude which I later could interpret to mean passing judgment on others even when I had been told and I had heard that I should judge not so that I be not judged. This great injunction affects individuals as they affect institutions. Whether this judging is in word, in deed and in thought, judging is judging. The amount of time Christians spend running Islam down, and the amount of time Muslims spend running down Christianity; the amount of time one church spends drawing attention to itself rather than to God; and the amount of time one sect spends pleading its own case as right and the other as wrong; the amount of time religious associations spend identifying groups that are serving God and groups that are ordained for the Fire; the amount of time we spend minding other people’s business instead of carrying out a jihad in conquest of our spiritual ignorance through seeking so that we may find – all the time we spend attending to the perceived ailments of other people and groups, would have made our mission on earth more fulfilling if we had been pre-occupied with attending to the kingdom of God within us.


I must conclude by thanking the organizers of this outing for inviting me to make a presentation from a perspective I have no doubt will widen the horizon of those who are willing to seek. Was Hosiah not the channel through which the Lord expressed regret that His people perish for lack of knowledge? Was Christ Himself not haunted from pillar to post while He lived among men? Did His disciples not all die through torture inflicted by those who claimed that they were God’s representatives on earth? Was this world not witness to inquisitions that did more harm to people through the instrumentality of churches than the whole of paganism did to Christians before Christianity was adopted as a State Religion by Emperor Constantine? Was the rule of popes for almost one thousand years when the world was divided between Spain and Portugal not an opportunity to download the Kingdom of God on earth? But is that period not the most retrogressive in the history of man’s seeking? If the battle between the Darkness and the Light has been fought with such intensity on earth, that was no proof that there was any battle in our home in Paradise, for who is the spirit that can upload evil close to the Realm of the Origin of Life itself? Let us plead with those who claim to anchor the battle for the souls of men on earth today to teach their flock the way to the Light, not misdirect them through criticizing what they know nothing about.

The recent outing of otherwise respectable spiritual institutions condemning routes some human spirits have chosen to seek God’s Kingdom is mean and unfortunate. The point can never be over-emphasized that man should restrain himself from judging man. If the church of the day in the time of Christ was wrong judging Christ, their ignorance of the truth cannot avail them. Is that not a lesson enough for men and institutions to mind their own business and let those who exercised their free will to “go astray” to await the reaping of what they had sowed!

I would like to close my presentation by advising that we take to heart what the Quran says in Chapter 109 verses 1 –6

Say,”Unbelievers, I do not worship what you worship, nor do you worship what I worship. I shall never worship what you worship, nor will you ever worship what I worship. You have your religion, and I have mine.”

I thank you for your attention.

Being presentation at the Inter-Religious Conference at the Multi-Purpose Hall of Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos on Saturday, October 25, 2003

By Prince Tony Momoh, Former Minister of Information & Culture,


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